About Us
Venetian Plasters online store is a division of Lustre FX Pty Ltd.

Lustre FX is a world renowned, bespoke coatings company that manufactures, distrubutes and applies their patented products all over the globe.

A talented team of passionate people with a thirst for creating new and innovative design solutions for the commercial, residential and DIY markets. Lustre FX are excited by the prospect of cracking ideas that people deem not possible - this is what makes them tick!  They wish to share their knowledge with other people to improve the industry as a whole.

Lustre FX provides a wide range of decorative coating solutions and world class training that meet the needs of astute individuals and companies. An award-winning company recognised for excellence in both manufacture and service, Lustre FX pride themselves on working with clients to create tailored solutions that meet specific requirements, budget and timeframes.

Lustre FX products are licenced for manufacture and distrubuted worldwide - with offices in: Australia, India, Manila, Korea, Indonesia and the UAE.